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Give The Gift of Relaxation: Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Luxury Shower Steamers, Aromatherapy Roll-ons.

This luxury Mother’s Day gift box promises to be anything but boring and generic like your typical flower bouquet or spa gift card. 

SAVE 45% OFF Our Most Luxurious Aromatherapy Self-Care Package

Elevate Mom's much needed relaxation and recovery journey with handpicked bath essentials. Transform her shower into a spa-like sanctuary with aromatherapy shower steamers (like a bath bomb, only better, and for your shower).

With therapeutic grade ingredients like lavender for restful deep sleep, peppermint/eucalyptus for morning vitality and respiratory health. Also indulge her with soothing Lavender and Peppermint bath salts, effervescent bath bombs, and medicinal aromatherapy roll-ons for the ultimate Mother's Day pampering.

Goodbye generic flower bouquets.

100% Happiness Guaranteed & Free Shipping

The "For Her" Gift Set from PurelifeBiotics isn't just a gift; it's an experience. Offering a blend of luxury, wellness, and sustainability, it's designed to pamper and please any Mom who deserves a little extra love and self-care. If she doesn’t love it, return it and we’ll make it right. Plus, every “For Her” Gift Set always ships fast and free.

Proudly Made in Katy Texas, USA

PurelifeBiotics are doctor formulated and crafted in Katy, Texas USA. Why does this matter? Because you soak and breathe in these ingredients, we believe you can not compromise at all on quality.

Cheap China-based knockoff brands use synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to inhale. We promise to always use premium therapeutic grade oils which are great for your mind, body, and respiratory system.


What's in the Gift Set?
$185 Worth of Value for Only $100

For Her Gift Set - Shower Steamers, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Medicinals & More

"I strongly believe in the power of daily self-care routines to uplift our mental and emotional well-being. The science supports this; empirical studies have shown that small acts of self-care can have a meaningful impact on our overall health. PurelifeBiotics' attention to quality resonates with scientific research on aromatherapy and mood regulation."

— Dr Olivia Greene, PHD Licensed Psychologist

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Shower Steamers - Turn on your shower, place an aromatic tablet by the water flow, activate the steamer with a splash, and for an extra boost, splash again for full-on aroma and positive vibes!
VitaBombs - Fill a clean bathtub with warm water, place the VitaBomb into the tub, fully dissolve it before entering, then relax and enjoy!
Bath Salts - Fill your bathtub with warm water, add a handful of bath salts, then unwind and indulge in the experience.
Roll-Ons  - Apply the roll-on to a pulse point such as the back of the neck, behind the ears, on the wrists, or temples, then ease into relaxation as the aromatherapy effects take their course.



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