Premium. Organic. Pure.

Shower Steamers. Bath Bombs. Soaps.

An extensive range of premium, eco-friendly beauty & aromatherapy products including shower steamers, bath bombs and much more, all made with the highest-quality ingredients.

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Unique. Stunning. Pure.

Aromatherapy Products

Thanks to decades of experience, the finest possible ingredients team creates unique products that are designed with you in mind.

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Local. Sustainable. Pure.

Luxury Shower & Bath Products

With our USA-first sourcing policy, we use only the finest, sustainable, organic ingredients in our shower steamers, bath bombs and soaps

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Pure Shower Steamers,
Pure Bath Bombs

At PurelifeBiotics, we specialize in all-natural, organic and eco-friendly bath and shower products to enhance your wellbeing. Our quality shower steamers, bath bombs and soaps are made in the USA with USA-sourced ingredients. We use them in our own homes and trust them for our children. Enjoy the luxury of our signature scents - Citrus, Flowers, Fruits, Gourmand and Woods & Greens.
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Pure Bath, Pure Shower

Not just any Shower Bomb

Wash the world out and the energy in with our amazing shower steamer range.

Revive your Shower

Take a moment. You've earned it.

Pure Bath Bombs

We don't just make products, we create experiences.

Minimize Razor Burn

Explore our amazing range of premium, 6 week-cured soaps made with only the finest ingredients, that help your skin feels softer and your razor glide more smoothly.

All-natural raw materials


With our USA-first sourcing policy, we use only the finest, all-natural, organic & sustainable ingredients in all of our products.


We own our logistics infrastructure enabling us to ship anywhere in the world

100% All Natural

We only produce premium products using the finest all-natural ingredients

End to End

We source the ingredients, make the products and we pack & ship them, too.

USA based

Located and sourcing primarily from the USA supported by premium suppliers worldwide


Whatever you need, our PureCare team is waiting to hear from you. We don't just make great products, we create unforgettable experiences and our dedicated Customer Care team know just how to make EVERY journey perfect.