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Fabulous product with the perfect scent of tangerines!

I ordered these because I love the smell of tangerines and they do not disappoint! Each tab lasted for several showers and filled my bathroom with the calming scent of tangerine. I placed one on the ledge, away from the shower stream where they got an occasional sprinkle from the water which released the scent. It wasn’t overpowering like I was afraid would happen.

Sharon N.

Love these Shower Steamers!!!

These Shower Steamers are beyond amazing! My sister bought some for me, and my husband and I use them with each shower! I have life-long allergies and my husband sleeps with a CPAP machine. These steamers have helped us tremendously! The scent is not overpowering, but soothing and just strong enough to open up our airways, allowing us to breathe in all the awesomeness! Another perk is our shower smells wonderful, even when not in use!


Spa time!

So easy to use! if placed not directly hit by water, each steamer can last up to 3 showers.
I absolutely love this product! Especially when you've had one of those days and need that time to just relax in the shower. I have bought all scents and depending on my mood, will use a different steamer.

Jocelyn H.

The BEST I've tried!

I have used many different brands of shower steamers and these are the BEST! They are luxurious, fragrant and relaxing. I bought as a gift and selfishly kept them for myself...that's how good they are!

Kacee A.

Fresh and perfectly fragrant

Simply the best on the market! We are currently using these as an added benefit to our wedding venue's on-site cottages and they are a huge hit with our guests. Luxury at its finest!


So Refreshing

I love these in the morning. The tangerine scent is a perfect wake up and not overpowering at all.

Stephany W.

How To Use Shower Steamers

Step 1

Turn on your shower and let the steam elevate your spirits!

Step 2

Place your aromatic tablet close to the water flow.

Step 3

Activate the steamer with a splash and revel in the positive vibes!

Step 4

Need a boost? Splash it again for a full-on aroma explosion!

What is Shower Steamer Aromatherapy?

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What The Experts Say: Aromatherapy Impact on Holistic Wellness

As the Chief Research Officer at PurelifeBiotics, I've dedicated my career to merging the wisdom of traditional holistic medicine with cutting-edge scientific research. I am thrilled to say that our shower steamers are a remarkable representation of this effort.

Formulated with sustainably sourced natural ingredients, each steamer is a pocket of pure indulgence that elevates your shower experience to a therapeutic session. We’ve harnessed the power of beneficial botanicals and essential oils to deliver a product that not only smells divine but also serves to enhance your well-being.

As a medical doctor and a researcher, I can affirm that every ingredient has been meticulously chosen to ensure safety, efficacy, and environmental integrity. In an era that often overlooks the importance of mindful consumption, our shower steamers are a step toward guilt-free luxury.

I invite you to integrate PurelifeBiotics into your daily routine and experience the synergy of science and nature.

Dr. Alexander Pasciak, MD, PhD
Chief Research Officer, PurelifeBiotics
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Alumnus

I strongly believe in the power of daily self-care routines to uplift our mental and emotional well-being. The science supports this; empirical studies have shown that small acts of self-care can have a meaningful impact on our overall health.

I was thoroughly impressed with PurelifeBiotics' shower steamers. They're crafted with natural ingredients and essential oils, transforming a regular shower into a therapeutic experience. The attention to quality resonates with scientific research on aromatherapy and mood regulation.

While I have no direct affiliation with PurelifeBiotics, I highly recommend their shower steamers as an evidence-based addition to anyone's daily self-care regimen.

Dr. Olivia Greene, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

As a Master Mindfulness Practitioner with a degree in Contemplative Sciences, I've devoted years to understanding how mindfulness practices contribute to overall well-being. The growing body of scientific research confirms the far-reaching benefits of mindfulness, including stress reduction and improved mental clarity.

I was pleasantly surprised by the transformative power of PurelifeBiotics' shower steamers in facilitating a mindfulness practice. The careful blend of natural ingredients and essential oils transforms the shower environment into a sanctuary for introspection and present-moment awareness.

I wholeheartedly recommend PurelifeBiotics shower steamers as an excellent tool for incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. Each steamer creates a multisensory experience that naturally invites focus and serenity, aligning well with the scientific principles behind effective mindfulness practices.

Morgan Taylor, MS in Contemplative Sciences
Master Mindfulness Practitioner

I am a certified wellness coach with years of experience and I can confidently say we are witnessing a wellness revolution. People are increasingly recognizing the need for sustainable, holistic approaches to health.

Scientific research continues to validate the positive impact of natural products on both mental and physical well-being. PurelifeBiotics' shower steamers are exemplary of this paradigm shift.

Crafted from all-natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, they offer more than just a pleasant aroma. Each steamer is an invitation to a wellness experience right in your own shower, echoing the evidence-based understanding that small, daily acts of self-care can profoundly affect our overall well-being.

I recommend PurelifeBiotics' products to anyone looking to elevate their wellness journey in an environmentally responsible way.

Derrick Smith
Certified Wellness Coach

In the world of luxury spas, we're always on the lookout for products that can elevate the guest experience while aligning with our values of wellness and sustainability.

I was initially drawn to PurelifeBiotics' shower steamers because of their all-natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. When we tested them in our facilities, the response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive.

Our guests describe the experience as an unexpected oasis of calm and rejuvenation within their spa day.

As the Director of a large luxury spa, I see countless products, but few resonate so strongly with our mission. These shower steamers have not only been a hit with our clientele but have also seamlessly integrated into our wellness offerings.

I can confidently say that PurelifeBiotics is on the leading edge of the wellness revolution we're all striving for.

Amy Chang
Spa Director

Finding that sweet spot between physical wellness and inner tranquility is at the core of my teaching philosophy. In the yoga studio, I encourage my students to find balance not just in their poses but in their lives.

PurelifeBiotics' shower steamers hit that mark in a surprisingly powerful way. They transform a simple shower into a mindful ritual. With each inhalation of the aromatic steam, I could literally feel layers of tension melting away. It's as if they've bottled a yoga session into this small, eco-friendly package.

And let's not forget the quality: the natural, sustainably sourced ingredients speak volumes about the brand's integrity. My students who've tried them can't stop raving about how they've added a new layer of relaxation to their self-care routine.

As a yoga instructor, I'm all about authentic experiences, and these steamers deliver.

Priya Patel
Yoga Instructor

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