Finally, a USA Manufacture for High-Quality Shower Steamers is Here!

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So, you have heard about shower steamers and want to jump on the bandwagon, but you can’t find a USA-based manufacturer who can produce large volumes of high-quality shower steamers that actually work.   The good news is PurelifeBiotics, a USA-based leading brand and manufacturer of high-quality shower steamers is here to assist you!




Our extensive knowledge, winning recipe, and large facility allows us to handle any job large or small.  Our new high compression technology, which was custom made for us here in the USA allows us to produce strong, long-lasting shower steamer tablets without the need for excess fillers such as starches, clays, and salts. These types of fillers may help slow down the fizzy reaction to create a longer lasting shower steamer tablet, however they also significantly lower the scent quality, strength, and can leave a sticky residue behind.  PurelifeBiotics's winning shower steamer recipe does not include any of these fillers yet produces one of the strongest and longest lasting shower steamers on the market! Our high-quality shower steamers not only last long, and offer the most powerful aromatherapy experience, but they also rinse clean leaving no stains or residue behind. 


PurelifeBiotics large 30k sq ft facility located in Katy Texas, USA allows us to manufacture large quantities of shower steamers capable of meeting the needs for larger companies.  We have the equipment and space to mass produce high quality shower steamers here in the USA and our recipe is solid!  We have 6 main shower steamer scents to choose from however, we can also create custom scents, shapes, and sizes. We use essential oils as well as high quality phthalate-free fragrance oils to meet any of your needs.  The possibilities are endless!

When searching for a USA-based shower steamer manufacture it’s important to test out their shower steamers to ensure that the scent strength and quality meets your expectations.  You also want to confirm the manufacturer’s shower steamer production capabilities.  Many USA manufacturers of shower steamers are small home-based shops not capable of meeting the needs for larger brands. The other option is overseas manufacturers however, with today’s supply chain issues finding a high-quality USA-based shower steamer manufacturer is imperative to your business’s continue success and growth.  With PurelifeBiotics lead times for shower steamers will be significantly lower then using overseas manufactures. Depending on the size of your shower steamer order and our production schedule, our lead times are typically between 10-45 days.

In conclusion, PurelifeBiotics can assist you with your shower steamer manufacturing needs. With manufacturing based in the USA and a USA FIRST sourcing policy, we have the greatest control over our entire infrastructure allowing us to be a reliable and dependable shower steamer manufacturer. Contact us today at  or visit our website at to learn more about our products and services. We look forward to being your USA shower steamer manufacturer!



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