What is a Shower Steamer and Why You Should Use Them

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Shower Steamers are effervescent tablets that dissolve in the shower releasing aromatherapy into the air.   We infuse our shower steamers with a powerful blend of menthol and essential oils creating the most potent and long-lasting shower steamer on the market. Think soothing menthol vapors and amazing essential oil scents infuse with the steam from your shower. Shower Steamers are also made for EVERYONE!  Unlike bath product that can only be enjoyed by those who have bathtubs shower steamers were made to use in the shower.  Man, women, child, young, and old can all enjoy and benefit from using shower steamers. 





Shower Steamers are an easy and affordable way to enjoy aromatherapy. Taking care of your emotional wellbeing and mental health are imperative for a healthy lifestyle. Shower Steamers made with relaxing scents like Lavender and Orange are wonderful for a calming shower experience while Eucalyptus and Peppermint are super invigorating.  PurelifeBiotics shower steamers are also infused with menthol which can help open your airways allowing you to truly breathe deep the amazing aromatherapy scents.  


How to Use Shower Steamers

Using PurelifeBiotics shower steamers is easy.  First, turn on the shower and allow it to get nice and steamy. Then place the shower steamer tablet on the floor off to the side or on a ledge out of the direct stream of water.  Our Shower Steamers are SUPER powerful so you do not want to place them in the direct stream of water as they will dissolve too fast and may be too intense.  Next, you will splash water on the tablet to activate it and then continue to splash water on the tablet to slowly dissolving it throughout your shower.  Breathe deep and enjoy! Pro Tip!!  Placing the tablet on a ledge instead of the floor will allow you to control how much the shower steamer dissolves which can possibly give you multiple showers out of just 1 tablet.


PurelifeBiotics is the leading brand and USA based manufacture of Shower Steamers.  Our winning formula along with our high compression technology allows us to create the strongest and long-lasting shower steamers on the market. Give us a try today! View our full line here Shower Steamers



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